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My friend Tom Naughton, the guy who made the hilariously informative documentary Fathead, writes one of the most informative blogs out there. That it's also entertaining is just a bonus. The post he wrote this week about statins is a must-read. So go read it!

How Quickly They Forget...

Ran across a generally stupid and useless article , the jist of which was "carbs are good, but don't eat them before bed." Good advice, as far as it goes, but of course I don't eat them at breakfast or lunch, either. Or at mid-afternoon. Or at tea parties. Still, I didn't have to read that far to know it was a stupid article. It was clear from the first few sentences, which read:

Voices From the Past

In random wandering around cyberspace, I found a article from 1940 regarding constipation.. (This is part 2, which included the paragraph quoted.) One paragraph, in particular, caught my eye:

Satisfying. Yeah, Sure.

It's always amusing watching the ads during the January Diet Season. They're so transparently full of BS. Like the ads for Campbell's Select Harvest Light Soups. They show women zipping up dresses and pants, and say that fitting into clothes is "naturally satisfying." They then make the pitch for this particular line of canned soups, which have 80 calories or less per serving. Which, they say, makes the soups very "satisfying."

And the "Totally UnClear On The Concept" Award Goes To...

Ran across this article in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day. It's about "fat replacers" -- you know, stuff like Olestra, the fake oil Frito-Lay used to make laxative potato chips? It says that even though there are "concerns" about Olestra , the market for this kind of product is growing. And why?

Hand Sanitizer or Healthy Life Style?

I stopped into my local CVS pharmacy this evening to grab a bottle of cheap red wine and some sugar-free Reese's cups -- just for the antioxidants, really. ;-p I was startled to discover that the young women -- twenty-something, both of them -- running the cash registers were using hand sanitizer after every transaction. We're talking once a minute or so. They were also complaining about how dry their hands were. Uh, gee, I wonder how that happened? Maybe it's because you're rubbing your hands with alcohol gel every minute or so?

Diet Experiment Update

I wrote back in October about the Shangri-La Diet, (several more articles on the subject if you want to read them) and also about the idea of using various scents to depress appetite. I started drinking flavorless vegetable oil per the Shangri-La Diet. I also made some scent vials from old prescription bottles, each with a cotton ball with a different extract on it -- one vanilla, one orange, one chocolate, one peppermint -- and started sniffing them.

Steviva Blend

The Steviva company recently sent me samples of their three natural sugar-free sweetener products. So far I've only tried one, their Steviva Blend; I thought I should tell you about it.

How Much Fat?

A reader asks:

I've been keeping a journal tracking every single thing I eat. I was just wondering if you thought there was a limit that should be put on fats. For example, today was 119.1, it was from eggs, bacon, cheese, EVOO and pepperoni, it seemed way high and I was just looking for some input if you have time.

Why We're Not On iTunes Yet

We've had some queries as to why Dana's Low Carb For Life is not yet available through iTunes. Here's the deal: At the recommendation of our producer, Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, we're holding off, and will ask to be included in iTunes for episode #4. We hope that by having 4 episodes ready to go we'll make it to the New and Notable section. You can all help give us an extra boost by going to iTunes when episode 4 is released, subscribing through iTunes, and leaving a comment about the show there. We'll remind you, of course!

Be on Dana's Low Carb For Life!

On the podcast, I'm doing a segment called Low Carb Voices, where we feature the experiences of the low carb community. This week our question is: What's your single biggest challenge to staying on your low carb program? We'd love to hear from you at 412-385-DANA -- that's 412--385-3262. Call, and you may hear yourself on the next show!

New Ep of Dana's Low Carb For Life

Hey, the new episode of Dana's Low Carb For Life is up! Give it a listen:

Column Reprint: Treats

Note: This column was originally written in the summer, hence the recipe using summer fruits. Roll with it, okay?

Treat (noun): 1 a: an entertainment given without expense to those invited b: the act of providing another with free food, drink, or entertainment 2: an especially unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement.

“You have to have a treat now and then!” I hear this more often than teachers hear excuses, and always in defense of something sugary.

Does a Low Carb Diet Cause Gallstones?

That Nice Boy I Married got a question from a friend of his today. She'd heard that a low carb diet increased the risk of gallstones, and wanted to know if that was true. It's an excellent question, and the answer is a little complicated.

Column Reprint: Low Carbing on a Budget

Now that the holidays are over, while our VISA cards are still smoking in our wallets, it seems an opportune moment to tackle a common complaint regarding a low carb diet: “It’s so expensive!”

At first glance, this seems true. If you’ve been basing your meals on potatoes, rice, pasta, and generic white bread, you’ve been getting away with a lower cost-per-serving than, say, steak. However, I have several thoughts on this matter.

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