1001 Low-Carb Recipes

I was just looking at the Amazon page for 1001 Low-Carb Recipes. I noticed that it was averaging four stars. Most of my books do better than that, so I looked at a few of the negative reviews to see what folks' objections were.

The main objections are twofold: One, people bought 1001 Low-Carb Recipes thinking it was all new recipes, rather than realizing it was a compilation of previously published recipes. And two, they're annoyed that it includes recipes that call for ingredients that are no longer available, like Ketatoes.

I agree completely that these are both legitimate complaints. I have only this to say in my defense: My publisher didn't consult me.

Really. No joke. Not a single phone call. I first found out they were planning this book when they sent me the cover art to approve, and by that time the text was a done deal. I first saw it when they sent me my author copies.

I'm not objecting too strenuously, you understand, since I make royalties off of the book, having done exactly zero new work on it. Hard to be too upset about that.

But I do very much wish they'd consulted me. I would have been happy to do the work needed to update the ingredients section, suggesting substitutes for discontinued products. I've done exactly that for the new, expanded edition of the slow cooker book.

I also wish they'd put something on the cover about it being a compilation. I've mentioned that fact here at the blog, and on my Facebook fan page, but of course nowhere near everyone who has purchased my books visits this blog, or hangs out on Facebook.

Anyway, I've emailed my editor. I know 1001 is selling pretty well; I've asked him if it's selling well enough to justify revision (keep in mind that every change they make costs money, especially once the book is actually in print), and told him I'd very much like to at least fix the ingredient problem.

I'll also work with the Webmaster (aka That Nice Boy I Married) to put up a page here about substitutes for discontinued ingredients, and hope people find it. I'll mention it on the podcast, to reach that audience, too.

I'm afraid that's all I can do.

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