5 Low Carb Steps To Weight Loss

As you have probably heard, Reader's Digest did a cover article this month on low carb diets. They consulted Dr. Eric Westman, one of the nation's top low carb researchers, one of the authors of New Atkins For a New You, and all-around super-nice, super-smart guy. That Reader's Digest went to such a credible low carb source speaks very well of them. Anyway, here's a link to a side-bar article on how to limit your carbs and lose weight.

Let's hear it for seriously main-stream coverage!

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I find that if I start my day

I find that if I start my day with a lean protein - like hard boiled eggs - then I can keep cravings out of the way until the evening. Then, when the evening hits, I drink lots of water with citrus juice (lemon or lime) in it.

Fruits, that legendarily

Fruits, that legendarily healthy food, contains with glucose, aka carbohydrate food. So are mindset. Other focused sources include soft drinks, desserts, and sweets. You may be able to keep diet soft drinks, light alcohol, dry wine, and sugar-free candies on the selection and still shed weight.

Readers Digest articles

Which issue was this in? The local libraries have told me that they no longer subscribe to RD.

I believe there was an interview w/Gary Taubes in the Feb. '11 RD. I've been trying to find that one.

Oh, well.


Readers Digest

This article is what got me started eating low carb. I read the article because I can never pass up reading about a diet and decided to try it. I went on line and saw Dana's book and cookbooks and ordered both. I read the book in just a few days and I've been doing an Atkins type of diet and already lost 8 lbs in two weeks. I actually just ordered the new Atkins book. I can't believe how good I feel. I've been dieting for 10 years trying to lose 15 lbs with a lowfat high carb, high sugar diet and struggled with being addicted to both but not realizing it! It never occured to me try something else, I just thought I had no will power. Thank you Dana for your book, it wasn't technical and boring and it was funny and interesting. I really enjoyed it as well as 1001 low-carb recipes.

Reader's Digest article

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who are so free to comment on something they know so little about. The one that got me this time was thinking we will continue to eat as much later in the diet/lifestyle as we may at first. Eventually, your body and mind adjust and you just eat what you need. Being free to eat is a wonderful feeling to folks who have dieted for a long time, often without success.

How much we eat

I still eat generously, 15 years in. It's a rare morning I don't have eggs and meat -- often three sausage patties and three fried eggs. When I make boiled eggs, I often make four. I can put down a half-pound of rib eye at a serving.

It's a good thing.


Did you see the comment at the end of this article?

"Are you stupid-you must balance calories in versus calories out to lose weight. If you tell someone to eat all the fat they want that is what they will do-and end up dead like atkins. As a type 1 diabetic I can agree to limit simple carbs. But pasta, come on. If you like pasta and want to avoid sugar spikes make sure you have some fat in it to help slow down the digestion-i.e. meat or white sause. Moderation is the key not cutting out fats or carbs."

Incredible that a type 1 diabetic would advocate eating pasta. I have two sisters with juvenile diabetes...the older one died from it at the age of 42. I can't stand this misinformation!


Apparently they're unaware A) that everyone ends up dead, B) that Atkins died of a slip-and-fall head injury, that C) cells have no way to distinguish glucose from pasta from glucose from soda, and D) that pasta has almost no nutritional value anyway.

Not only that...

They also appear to be unaware of how to properly punctuate and capitalize. Tempting to write back: "Are YOU stupid? Are you unfamiliar with the question mark? <--It's this thing right here. And you may wish to get to know your shift-key a little better." But then I'm a snark that way! :-D