ANNOUNCEMENT! Event August 7th!

Calling all low carbers anywhere in driving distance of Bloomington, Indiana! Jimmy and Christine Moore will be in the area the weekend of August 7th, and we've decided to hold a low carb meet-and-greet at my home. Low carb blogger Amy Dungan is coming, too!

We'll be sampling Zevia and Blue Sky Free, we'll have snacks from CarbSmart, we'll be recording for my up-coming radio show, and just generally having a good time. Saturday, August 7th, from 1-4.

I'm not going to post my home address here at the blog. If you can come, email us at and let us know, and we'll send you directions. That way we'll also have an idea how many people are coming.

Hope to meet a bunch of you soon!

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Snacks and Giveways from CarbSmart for your party!

Dana: is donating a bunch of low-carb snacks and drink mixes for everyone who attends to try. We've also included a few giveaways like CarbSmart Water Bottles and T-Shirts. I'm sorry I can't attend but I hope everyone has a blast!


Aug 7th Event

I'd love to attend but cannot. Couple of questions though: Have you hired enough staff to handle all the attendees? Security, parking attendants, extra kitchen help? How about a rain tent? Jazz group? Photographer? So much to do - so little time..................

Clearly you overestimate my

Clearly you overestimate my drawing power.


Hope the post started your day with a smile, at least!