CarbSmart Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Living Cookbook

Woo-hoo! It's here! It's here! The Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Living Cookbook that I wrote with Caitlin Weeks! 50 recipes for everything from Peach Cobbler to Better-Than-Coffeehouse Mocha to steak sauce. You need it, you know you do.

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CarbSmart Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Living Cookbook

CarbSmart Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Starter Kit

CarbSmart Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Deluxe Starter Kit

You need to click on the book link, you really do. Several free recipes in it for you!

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Publication date

Hi Dana,

Would you please put an announcement on the site when the book is actually published. The anticipated date was two weeks ago and I'd like an idea of when it might show up in my PO box when you know.


Free Recipes in Book Link?

I clicked the link and I saw some nice pics and descriptions (ketchup, garlic bread, cookies, biscotti), but I don't see any recipes nor any links to recipes.

Link to recipes

Looks like you're right, Kenneth. Here is a link to the recipes. It is a PDF: