Clean-the-Fridge Asian Pork Soup

Here's what I had in the fridge, needing to be used up:

The remains of a pork shoulder roast, with maybe 4-5 ounces of meat left on the bone.

The drippings from the pork, which I'd saved in a snap-top container on the grounds that they were way too tasty to throw away.

A Tupperware(tm) container of good, strong homemade broth, made from both chicken and turkey bones. Probably about 6 cups worth, but I didn't measure it.

In the fridge, but not so urgently needing to be used up were:

Two packets of traditional shirataki

Some mushrooms


So here's what I did:

Dumped the broth -- about six cups worth -- in a big saucepan, added the drippings and a star anise, and put the whole thing on a medium-high burner, while I...

Chopped up five mushrooms. I sauteed them in some coconut oil, crushing in a clove of garlic halfway through. When the mushrooms had softened and changed color I scraped the whole thing into the broth. (If I hadn't been in a hurry, I could have sauteed the mushrooms and garlic right in the saucepan, then added the broth, etc. But I was in a hurry.)

I cut the pork off the bone, diced it up, and added that to the pot, too. Also a good shot of San-J wheat free soy sauce -- probably a couple of tablespoons worth -- and a couple of teaspoons of sesame oil. Let it all simmer for 10 minutes while I...

Snipped open the two packets of traditional shirataki, dumped them into a strainer, rinsed them well, then used my kitchen shears to cut across them in an X pattern, because shirataki are just too freakin' long. Dumped them in, too. Added a good squirt of sriracha hot sauce.

Let it simmer a bit longer while I thin-sliced a scallion.

Serve the soup with the sliced scallion on top, and extra sriracha. It was super!

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