Do you use grains?

For years, I used grains and grain products so long as I could keep my carb load low enough -- low carb tortillas, some low carb bread, wheat germ or bran or some rolled oats in a baking recipe, to give a grainy flavor. I've gotten more and more suspicious of grains over the years, and now eat them very rarely, even in their low carb forms. Heck, I've even pretty much given up on light beer, and stick largely to dry red wine. (And the occasional tequila. I do like tequila.) So how about you? Are you using low carb grain products? Or no?
Yes, I use grain products so long as they fit into my daily carb limit.
37% (23 votes)
I'll use some low carb grain products, but avoid wheat, because of gluten.
5% (3 votes)
I shun grains altogether, no matter what the carb count.
59% (37 votes)
Total votes: 63
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I'm trending towards 3, so

I'm trending towards 3, so that's what I voted. Basically, we do still have some Dreamfields pasta, and I make Mac n cheese with it once a month or so. That's the only obvious grain product we eat, but I don't go out of my way to ensure it's not in any sauces, condiments, etc. (I just make sure the allergic kid isn't eating any of it.)

Avoiding grains

I avoid grains altogether, but it's often a struggle. I'm frequently fighting with a sugar addiction that goes hand-in-hand with an addiction to wheat. Wheat does bad things to me, though: escalates my rosacea, adds to my fibro problems by increasing inflammation, and causes constipation. A number of years ago, I allergy tested as extremely sensitive to wheat. So, yes, I avoid it. At best, though, I seem to manage only an 80-20 result.

But I keep trying.

I have noticed, though, after low-carbing for 8 years, that I don't miss pasta, rice, or potatoes, and usually don't have any trouble passing up bread. It's cookies & pastry that are a siren call when I'm tired & achy from fibro or just a very long day!

right now I am doing Atkin's

right now I am doing Atkin's Induction so no grains are allowed. I do know that I feel better when I avoid grains.