Gelatin Again

Long-time readers here may have noticed a repeated phenomenon: Dana needing to learn the same lesson more than once.* You know, like how I went hyponatremic -- low on salt -- last summer, and then managed to go badly hypo on the Low Carb Cruise this year, despite knowing how important salt was/is.

Here's another one: Gelatin makes me feel good. Really good. Absolutely one of the most exciting things to happen in my nutritional program in years. Here's a follow-up article.) For months, I took a spoonful of gelatin morning and evening.

Then I got all caught up in finishing 500 Paleo Recipes, and, like a dork, I let the gelatin fall by the wayside. Didn't take it for a few months.

Packing my car's trunk to head to the Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks back, I found the 5 pound box of beef gelatin I had bought this winter. Felt like a cosmic dope-slap -- "Hey, you! This stuff makes you feel good enough you were buying it in 5 pound lots! What the heck are you doing, not taking it?!"

So since I got back from the AHS, I'm back to taking gelatin morning and evening. And guess what? I feel a whole lot better. Again. More energy, fewer muscle aches, and everything feels well-oiled. Cheerful, too, though that might be attributable to taking 5-HTP in the evenings, since it increases serotonin levels. I just have a far greater sense of general well-being, you know?

So I thank the universe for the Cosmic Dope Slap, and the cows for the gelatin. And I plan to keep on taking it.

* Can I blame it on the ADD? Please?

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