Gelatin and Growth Hormone Releaser Update

Okay, I've been taking gelatin for a couple of months, and I'm on my second three-week cycle of growth hormone releasers. How is it going?

Same as last time I reported, which is to say, I like it, thank you very much. No, I have not miraculously lost a bunch of weight. On the other hand, I'm managing to hold the cookbook weight gain to a bare minimum, and for a girl who gained back a good couple of sizes writing diet cookbooks, that's no small thing. (I also credit my habit of weighing myself first thing every morning with this success. Attention is a powerful tool.)

But I feel better. I mean, a lot better. Okay, I had a cold a couple of weeks back, and I've had some allergic snorkiness. The mold levels are sky-high here in beautiful Southern Indiana, so it's post-nasal drip or drugs, I'm afraid. That said, I am energetic and strong, more so than before. My mood is calm and cheerful, one might even say chipper. I'm waiting to see what effect this has on my usual Seasonal Affective Disorder. If I don't find myself contemplating suicide by early February, it will be a very big deal. (Do not panic. I am not at any actual risk. It's just that by early February I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired that dying seems easier than dragging myself through another gray, snowy day. I am, however, bright enough to realize that at that point I'm only a few weeks away from returning sunshine.)

My favorite thing about the gelatin/GH releaser habit, however, is that I don't ache anymore. I live an active life, and pretty commonly would have achy shoulders, or a stiff neck, or a headache, or some combination thereof. My doctor, knowing that I would not abuse them, let me have low-level muscle relaxants and painkillers in the house, to take at my discretion. I was taking a "cocktail" -- one of each -- a couple of times a week. I don't think I've take either one since I started with the gelatin, and certainly not since I added the GH releasers. Not even after doing a killer slow burn workout on my Total Gym. I just don't need 'em.

I just plain feel younger. And for this fifty-two year old, that's enough reason to keep taking the stuff.

I'm also still sleeping extraordinarily well, and waking up far, far earlier than I historically have. I was up at 7 this morning; for years I had to set a clock to get up by 9. Hey, there was a time I had to set a clock to get up by 10! Now I'm happily awake and ready to get up, nearly always before 8. It's still a tad disconcerting, but I like it. I'm constantly looking up and thinking "I've gotten X, Y, and Z done, it must be at least 1 pm by now," only to discover it's only 11:30 or so. Weird, but nice.

All told, it's worth the modest expense, and I intend to keep it up.

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I have continued taking the gelatin and I just can't believe the difference in my feet and ankles. Holy cow! I have yet to struggle walking down the steps in the morning! Also, after sitting for more than 15 minutes for meetings, or driving or deskwork, I usually am in pain. Not since taking the gelatin! I am just amazed!
The first night, as I previously wrote, I drank some s-f jello dissolved in water. It was yummy, of course! The next evening I took an envelope of Knox gelatin and took it dry and almost gagged it tasted so bad. The next day, while at work, I dissolved an entire envelope if it in a glass of water sometime between breakfast and lunch. Again, the taste was terrible, but I got it down. However, after a week of this, I am really getting used the the flavor and it doesn't bother me at all anymore. Even if it did, the results are well worth it. I am thrilled about this and plan to get my mom to start doing this.
Now, my next move will be to get some MSM supplements and once I start that, I should be in great shape! Thanks again, Dana!

gelatin and carb cravings

Just wanted to note that my I-will-kill-you-for-a-cake-doughnut pms carb cravings eased significantly this month after taking gelatin for not quite a month.

It was just a day, not three or four, and that is much more manageable. Here's to hoping it's really the gelatin and it will continue to reduce.

tried this last night

Last night, after reading the post, I decided I really need to try the gelatin. I suffer from foot and ankle pain caused by a few injuries (ankle twists and such) that I suffered in my 20's. (I am now 40) It is not unusual for me to be in great pain when I get up from sitting more than a few minutes. Also, when I wake up in the morning, it takes a good 10 minutes or so for my feet to loosen up and the pain to go away. Walking down the steps in the morning can be painful.
I regularly make soup from bones, and I do eat cartilage always in hopes of helping my joints! However, after reading your post last night, I decided I need to take gelatin every day. I don't have any plain gelatin in the pantry, (will get some today!), but I did have several boxes of sugar-free Jell-O. I dissolved a packet into a glass of water and drank it before going to bed. I don't know if this is a coincidence, but I have to say that this morning when I woke up, I was able to walk down the stairs with very little pain and stiffness!!! I was amazed! Again, it could be a coincidence, but I am definitely going to keep doing this and see if my condition improves. Thank you, Dana!! I have been a fan of yours for years! I was an early subscriber of your Lowcarbezine! way back in the 90s when you used to put the subscriber count at the end of each issue. I think you are awesome! Thanks for your work! :)

For that damaged connective tissue

One of the things that years of massage therapy (not to mention massage school) have taught me is that connective tissue injury, like sprains, actually has more of a lasting effect than broken bones. Bones, if properly set and given good nutrition, heal clean. Connective tissue damage is much more likely to be forever -- ask anyone with whiplash.

Anyway, along with gelatin, one of the better things I've found for connective tissue -- and everything else -- is MSM. Makes your connective tissue both stronger and more flexible. Also does astonishing things for hair an nails. :-D Available at any drug or health food store, cheap, and overwhelmingly non-toxic.

question about MSM

Thanks so much for the comment and the info. I have seen MSM lotion, but I think you are referring to MSM in a pill form, correct? I need to try that.
What you say regarding connective tissue is oh so true. I have been haunted by two seemingly minor injuries for almost two decades now. SIGH.

MSM supplements

Yes. I've been taking MSM supplements for... has to be more than 15 years now. Here's the lowdown as I understand it:

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a highly bioavailable form of sulfur; sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, being used for a wide variety of purposes. MSM not only makes connective tissue stronger and more flexible, it also helps your liver remove toxins from your body (by becoming part of the molecule glutathione). There's some evidence, too, that it improves the transfer of oxygen across the membrane in your lungs, improving breathing -- my asthmatic sister has found MSM very helpful.

As a bonus, it's amazing for hair and nails. You know how awful hair and nails smell if they accidentally get scorched? That's the sulfur in 'em; they're very sulfur-rich. Your body knows that hair and nails are optional, not bottom-line survival stuff, so if you're short on sulfur it stints them, leaving it for the more important tissues. Increase your sulfur intake, and they start growing fast and strong; my already thick and springy hair got more so, and my nails break far less.

Good stuff, and cheap, and safe. Your local drugstore should have it, and certainly the health food store or GNC. I take a gram a day.

Growth Hormone Releasers

I'm interested in taking these...where would I find them? Is it something I can get at the Health food store or do I need to get them online?

Where to get GH releasers

I bought the NSI brand GH Release supplements from NSI is their house brand; I've bought a lot of NSI supplements over the years, and found the quality quite good for the cost. I buy the vast majority of my supplements from and (Puritan's Pride.) Now if I could just become an affiliate for both companies!