Help With iTunes

I admit it's been a while since I used iTunes, but I just downloaded it and set it up. (I had it on an older computer, so I already had an account.) First thing is to download and install the iTunes application: (If you have a Mac, it might be pre-installed.)

Run the installation, which can take some time. When it's finished, close your browser, and click the following URL:

Your browser will start up again, and take you to the podcast page on the iTunes site, where you'll see the list of episodes. Click on any of the "View in iTunes" links over to the right, and iTunes will open. (It will do some initial setup and configuration, since you're running it for the first time. If you have lots of music and video already on your computer, and you leave the box checked to have iTunes add it all to the library, this will also take some time. I don't know whether it's better to do that or not. You might want to uncheck that box, because you can always go back and bring it all in later. I kinda wish I had done that!)

Now you should (finally) see Dana's podcast page showing *in iTunes*. In the upper left menu, click "Store" and select "Create new account". The system should guide you through the creation of your account, including selecting a password and all that. Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can click the "Subscribe Free" button under Dana's picture, and also write reviews (comments). If you ever find yourself logged out and need to log back in, go to Store > Sign In.

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