Hostess Corp Goes Under, Low Carb World Completely Unaffected

Ah, the incidental joys of being low carb: I am completely unaffected by the demise of the Hostess corporation. I actually remember the last snack cake of any kind that I ate: It would have been the winter I was 21; I was at a corner bodega in Chicago, in the Rogers Park neighborhood. I had quit sugar and white flour a couple of years before, but saw -- it was either Ho-Hos or Hostess Cupcakes, one of the chocolate "creme"-filled things -- at the checkout, and thought, "Oh, what the heck. Let's see what it tastes like now."

So I bought a packet. Took one bite on my way out of the store. Dropped the rest in the corner trash can.

I wish I could remember who originally said this, because it so perfectly expresses how I felt: It was like running into an old friend, and realizing we no longer had anything in common.

I'm sorry for the folks who are losing their jobs. But I can't pretend that the demise of the Hostess corporation is anything but a boon for the country in the long run.

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Hostess Corp Goes Under, Low Carb World Completely Unaffected

Absolutely, Dana. I, too, feel sorry for the workers... but let's face it; the products are garbage. Not to just pick on Hostess; I'm in Philadelphia and this is Tastykake Country! I always liked Tastykakes, but I gave up wheat / gluten in July.

BTW, there are recipes for Twinkie-like cakes at various blogs / websites for those who are so inclined!

P.S. World News is on right now, and they're going to discuss Twinkies after the commercial break.