The Huffington Post At Least Partially Redeems Itself

I recently posted the text of an email I sent the Huffington Post in response to their promotion of Dean Ornish as medical editor, and the lying garbage he wrote about the recently study he claimed proved the Atkins Diet killed people, when it didn't show anything even vaguely like that. Well, the HuffPo has at least partially redeemed itself. You have to read this.

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Great Article!

I saw this when it was printed and it is truly wonderful. However, I was wondering how Ornish let it slip through? Maybe he was just really busy that day, or on vacation.

Thanks for the link

What a great article. Thanks for sharing!

OMG that was awesome!!!

Loved it! My husband and I figured all this out 2 years ago and both lost 70 lbs, plus cured his diabetes and my heart arrhythmia. We eat no canned or boxed food unless it has only 2 or 3 ingredients on the label. Virtually no sugar and absolutely no msg or wheat (of any kind, it produces inflammation in us, even the "whole wheat"). We eat coconut oil and butter now, and stay away from seed oils. Try to eat organic as much as possible... hard to do sometimes.

All this of course means much more time in the kitchen, but we are learning to love it. We used to eat out all the time before we knew better, now the taste of real food has spoiled us and on the rare occasions we do eat out, the food is so unpalatable, we feel ripped off (and that's still after knowing someone else would do the dishes). lol

Thanks so much for posting a link to this article!