Liverwurst and Tomato Omelet

Had a liverwurst and tomato omelet for breakfast today; I'd been craving one, for some reason. Before I went low carb, one of my favorite sandwiches was liverwurst, lettuce, and tomato, with plenty of pepper, on a toasted whole wheat bagel. Omelets are at least as good!

I sliced the liverwurst fairly thin; I'm guessing I got about 2 ounces, and I used about 1/4 of a smallish tomato, and a couple of teaspoons of minced red onion. Cooked it in bacon grease. And what was the nutrition count on my omelet?

423 calories, 77% of them from fat, just like I like it. Interestingly, nearly half of that fat was monounsaturated -- at least partly because bacon grease and lard are actually high in monounsaturates, despite the impressions most people have. Most of the rest was saturated, with only 4 grams of polyunsaturated fats.

I got 5 grams of carbohydrate, with trace of fiber. 19 grams of protein.

But here's the fun part: I got 174% of my daily vitamin A, and we're talking real, preformed vitamin A, not the "provitamin A" you get from vegetables. 204% of my B12, 77% of my riboflavin, 37% of my iron, 25% of my niacin, 18% of my folacin, 17% of my zinc, 15% of my B6, 12% of my thiamin, 10% of my vitamin C, 9% of my potassium, and 5% of my calcium. Not bad for one meal.

Many people are resistant to the idea of eating organ meats. I consider liverwurst -- in particular, mine was braunschweiger -- to be an easy, "friendly" way to work a little liver into the diet. (That said, I'm very fond of chicken livers. Don't have to be talked into 'em. I like pate and chopped liver, too.)

However, if you're going to try my omelet, read the labels on the braunschweiger. There were three brands at my grocery store, ranging from 1 gram of carb per serving to 5! That's a 500% difference. I bought Oscar Meyer brand, which was the low carb choice, though a bit more expensive. I believe pretty much all braunschweiger has at least a little added sugar, at least, all I've seen has. Still, a gram per serving isn't enough to alarm me, especially given the vitamin content.

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