Low-Carb iPhone Apps?

Got this question from a friend of mine the other day:

Does Dana have a low-carb app for the iPhone? I tried the free "carbmaster" one, which I like, but before buying I thought I would ask.

Neither Dana nor I have iPhones, so we're not particularly well-versed in that technology. Anyone out there who has used Carb Master, or some other app? Suggestions?

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Carb Tracker

We've used the Carb Tracker app and liked it.

IPhone or IPod Touch Apps...

I use "Tap & Track" and I can even add Dana's recipes into it. I use it everyday then monthly I export it to my computer to print out and take to my Doctor appts. It has everything I need to track my food intake for the day, including exercise and then gives me a total summary of the nutrition values for that day. I highly recomend the app to all fellow low carbers as I have also recomended Dana's books and blog to all my family and co-workers. I don't have an iPhone, I use it on my iPod Touch.
Have fun!

Question about Tap and Track

Do you by any chance know how to set the daily calorie goal manually on the Overview page? It's the figure that says Remaining Calories. I assume they put that figure in automatically after you enter your weight, etc. but mine started out way too low...876 calories. When I was doing LA Weight Loss they said I should have 1800 calories a day. So I need to change that figure but I cannot figure out a way to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

Linda Parsons

Low Carb Diet Assistant

I use this one... I tried alot of the free food diaries (low-carb or not) and I didn't like any of them.

This app does cost $3.99, but I feel that I did get a good quality app for it. They often have updates for it (expanded food lists), and the app allows you to easily create custom foods.