Mark Your Calender

I've mentioned this on the Facebook fan page and the podcast, but suddenly realized I hadn't blogged about it -- and it's one month from today! YIKES!

Folks, on Saturday, August 13, from noon till 4 pm, we're holding the 2nd Annual Low Carb Meet-And-Greet with me, Jimmy Moore, and low carb blogger Amy Dungan. We'll be hangin' in my back yard, eating low carb food and shooting the breeze.

I'm in Bloomington, Indiana -- that's about an hour south of Indianapolis, about 2 hours west of Cincinnati, and about an hour and a half north of Louisville, so if you're anywhere in striking distance, you should come!

Since the venue is, I repeat, my back yard, we have a limit of 50 people. Please email to hold a space. I'll send out directions closer to the date.

Please be aware that this year we're asking a $5 donation to help cover food and the rental of some tables and a canopy. We promise to feed you well!

So come meet me and Jimmy and Amy (and That Nice Boy I Married and Christine Moore and Amy's husband John, and a bunch of your fellow low carbers. And Dexter the Pug. And Jed the Hero Dog.)

See you then!

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An adaptation!

On Sunday evening just past, I made shrimp fried rice for my hubby. I thought I would be having the shrimp and veggies. However, I had a lightbulb moment when I decided to cut a low carb wheat tortilla into thin strips to eat with my sauteed shrimp. I did not miss the rice. I also have been making the low carb pumpkin sausage soup that I found on a low carb website. It is so yummy! I have read Dana's book twice this Summer. I have the 1001 recipe book, too.
The weight is not coming off as quickly this time, but I will not give up. My body has endured too many weight roller coaster rides. This week I am on the meat fast. Any words of encouragement would be just superb!