More Stupid Food Ads

Go ahead, tell me I watch too much television. Hey, I have it on in the kitchen while I'm cooking. And loading the dishwasher. And unloading the dishwasher. Etc. So if you want the recipes, I'm going to keep watching the SVU reruns.

Anyway, two new food ads pinging my BS meter:

For a while there, Marie Callander was running an ad with the tag line "Because you should always take a little taste of home to the office" or something very close to that. What's their idea of a little piece of home? Their frozen mac-and-cheese. And here I thought the whole point of frozen entrees was that people didn't want to cook at home. I mean, even if I ate regular mac-and-cheese (I can make a pretty mean version with shirataki, if I do say so myself), the frozen stuff wouldn't be a taste of home. It would be a taste of "Oh, gosh, what a bother; I'll just microwave something." But that doesn't sound quite so appealing, does it?

And now we have KFC asking "What part of the chicken is the nugget?" The answer, I suspect, is that it's a bunch of parts ground up and stuck back together. I am no fan of the McNugget. Indeed, I only ever took one bite of a McNugget, and it was so nasty I spit it back out again. But what's KFC's alternative? "Popcorn chicken." Hey, KFC, what part of the chicken is the "popcorn?"

Okay, what they're really advertising is that apparently they're using actual hunks of chicken breast, not preformed chickenoid substance. Still, I thought it was funny.

By the way, you'll get nearly as much flour as chicken in that popcorn chicken -- 18 grams of carb, 22 grams of protein. Not that I was expecting you to order the popcorn chicken.

On my way to looking up the carb and protein content of the popcorn chicken, I looked at the ingredients statement for the KFC grilled chicken, which I rather like. I am very sorry to report it includes wheat, which means it contains gluten. Sigh. Another road-food choice shot to hell.

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I don't understand why they

I don't understand why they would use wheat for grilled chicken. The whole reason to eat grilled chicken in the first place is to avoid the crust!

BTW, it's OK with me if you watch TV in the kitchen while you cook. I'm just happy that you have something to watch since they did away with our soaps :(

Wheat on chicken

I have a feeling -- that's all it is -- that they mix the spices with wheat to A) help them distribute evenly, and B) help them adhere to the skin. It's not a lot, or the stuff would have a higher carb count. But unlike carbs, where unless you're crazy-sensitive one gram isn't a big deal, with gluten even a little can trigger a reaction, especially in celiacs.

And sometimes I have TV, sometimes I don't. I get a lot done on days when USA does a daytime SVU marathon, not so much when it's NCIS, which I've never gotten into...

KFC Gluten "chicken"

Thank you for the heads-up about wheat/gluten in the KFC grilled chix ... I love that stuff but no wonder I sneeze after eating ... good call Dana. :) xoxo