My Vitamin Regimen

Dana catches up on email she should have seen long ago:

Hi Dana,

I just finished your book How I Gave up my Low Fat diet and Lost 40 pounds. I was wondering about your vitamin regimen. I know you aren't a doctor, but I would like to know what brands and amounts that you take.
Also, where can I find them or order them. I don't think my Walmart brands may be sufficient.

I love your book and am recommending it to other people.


Jill Belton

Oh, my gosh! You won't believe this, but I just now saw this. I'm so sorry for the delay!

Anyway -- I mostly buy my vitamins from Puritan's Pride and Vitacost, both mail-order companies. They both have very good prices, good quality, and a broad selection. That broad selection can be confusing, however, if you don't know what you're looking for. Off the top of my head -- without running to the kitchen to look -- I'm currently taking:

Puritan's Pride (henceforth PP) Mega Vita Gel, 2 per day -- basic, broad spectrum nutrition insurance. I took PP's Green Source for years, but it has a bit of wheat in it, so I changed after reading Dr. William Davis's Wheat Belly last summer. Mega Vita Gel is wheat-free.

PP Vitamin C, 1000 mg tablets, two per day -- pretty self-explanatory

PP Chelated calcium/magnesium, 1 per day -- I like my bones, and I'd like to keep them.

PP Bone Reinforcer, 2 per day -- See above. This is a better formula than the chelated cal/mag, but more expensive, which is why I combine the two.

PP 100 mg Niacin, 1 per day -- good for keeping arteries clean. See Dr. William Davis's Heart Scan Blog about niacin.

PP 1000 mg Fish Oil, 1 per day -- generally antiinflammatory. Also said to be helpful for ADD.

PP MSM 1000 mgs, 1 per day -- Highly bioavailable sulfur. Antiinflammatory, makes connective tissue stronger and more flexible, aids the liver in removing toxins, great for hair and nails, and more.

Vitacost (V) DHEA, 25 mgs, 1 per day -- prohormone. This is an anti-aging thing, and definitely makes me feel better, younger, and stronger. Somewhat controversial, but this is a modest dose.

V Melatonin, 3 mcgs, 1 per day (evenings) -- helpful for sleep, this is also an anti-aging supplement.

V Ultra Garlic, 1 per day -- just generally healthful stuff. Plus, it keeps vampires away! ;-p

Cinnamon extract -- I forget what brand, but I bought it through Vitacost, 1 per day -- Lowers blood sugar.

I'm currently out, but have reordered TMG (trimethylglycine) and B 100s, but these are specifically because they're helpful for my ADD.

Full disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with Puritan's Pride. That was established within the past year or so, but I have been purchasing vitamins from PP for -- what, nearly thirty years now? I have no business relationship with Vitacost, though I would be happy to have one.

Other useful info: I find the Vitacost site somewhat easier to use. OTOH, Puritan's Pride runs a buy-one-get-three sale in the summer that is hard to beat; I generally order around $500 worth of vitamins then, and stash them in the basement for use through the year. If I need stuff in between times, I generally buy from Vitacost, though if it's a pricey item I will do the math to see who has the better price.

Hope this helps! I'm so glad you like my book; thanks for buying it.


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Vitamins work as SPAM

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Dear spammer...

Persistent bastard, aren't you! I have approved a modified version of your third attempted SPAM comment, changing your SPAM link to point to our Spammers Hall of Shame. Oh, and you have also been reported to Stop Forum Spam. Enjoy your infamy!

PP Bone Reinforcer

I've searched the PP site, and there's only product in their "Bone Health" section that resembles the product Bone Reinforcer is New Chapter's Bone Strength. Is that the product you're referring to?

Mounting evidence against cal-mag supplements

I was jolted recently by a Science Daily article that began with the statement "Calcium supplements might increase the risk of having a heart attack, and should be "taken with caution," concludes research published in the online issue of the journal Heart." The authors, academics at University of Auckland in New Zealand, cite a body of evidence associating the big spikes calcium levels that supplments cause with a host of problems:

  • kidney stones
  • gut dysfunction
  • abdominal symptoms
  • heart attacks

Have your reading of the scientific literature on calcium supplementation made you consider recommending against high-dose supplementation?

Q about MSN

Hi Dana,

I have a question about MSN: I have had reactions to sulfa drugs and even morphine sulfate (swelling, hives, itching), stopping short of anaphylaxis. I would love to reap the benefits provided by MSN but am afraid I will end up with a reaction.

Have you seen any information that would indicate that MSN can be taken by those of us who are allergic to various sulfur compounds?

Thank you, and Good Luck on your new exciting position at CarbSmart!

Jackie G


I'm wondering if you are still taking the gelatin and the growth hormones? Thanks

Yes and No

Gelatin, yes -- I've been adding it to my daily salt supplement. The GH releasers, no -- got tedious making sure I had an empty stomach at bedtime, and the results weren't particularly impressive.

If I could get actual human growth hormone, I'd take it in low doses, but it's wildly expensive, at least in this country.

Puritan Pride

I have to put in my 2 cents worth on PP. I've bought my vitamins from them for over 40yrs. They have good quality and great prices. I, like you, stock up during their sales. Good luck on your new venture.