NMS Flyer

This flyer was included in my info packet at the Metabolism Society meeting last weekend. Speaks for itself, really:

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Love the flyer . . .

and the summary of talks from the conference . . . the referral to the NM Society site (and membership), the energy, the cute exchange with smitten Russian, the breakfast ideas. I just love it all. Thanks for everything you do Dana - you're an inspiration and a resource!

I'm fascinated by the exchange you had regarding low carb diets and effect on cancer cells/growth. There's a string of articles related to this at:


I thought you might be interested (and be able to teach the rest of us something) if you took a look.

So glad to read your posts! Sally

Discussion of Cancer on Low Carber

Fascinating stuff. Thank you very much!

Love it!

Now that's a great flyer! Where can I get one to share? :)

Amy Dungan

Where can you get one?

I'm thinking if you email the Metabolism Society they can get you one -- or more. Join while you're at it, will you? :-)