Okay, Gotta Try It.

For years I've heard rumors of Pork Rind Cake, and reports that it actually tastes quite good, like a spice cake or carrot cake. I happen to have a bunch of extra pork rinds in the house, left over from the Meet & Greet, so I think it's time to give it a try. Probably alter the canonical recipe some, though. Among other things, it calls for heavy cream soured with vinegar; I see no reason not to use sour cream.

I will report back here, and fill you in on A) my version, and B) if it's any good.

If it *is* any good, I may try using pork rind crumbs to bake cookies. I mean, why not? Cocoa-Peanut Porkies are awesome, so why not other pork rind cookies?

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