Omigosh, What A Breakfast!

It was a spectacularly beautiful morning here in Southern Indiana -- warm but not scorching, light breeze, crystal clear, brilliantly blue sky. That Nice Boy I Married and I went out for a walk first thing, taking our caffeine-of-choice along. (He had a car cup of coffee, I had a sports bottle of iced tea.) It was lovely.

On the way home, I found myself craving Machaca Eggs, properly called Huevos con Machaca. These are a traditional Mexican dish of dried beef, simmered soft again and pulled into shreds, then scrambled with eggs, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. La Torre, a local Mexican restaurant, makes 'em on the weekend, and they're to die for.

But the budget's tight, and TNBIM had a busy day planned, and going out wasn't happening. But I realized before I got home that I had in the fridge:

Eggs, of course.
Some ground beef, waiting to be used up
A green pepper
A jalapeno
And on the counter I had onions, and a container of grape tomatoes that weren't getting any younger.

So when I got home, I threw some ground beef, maybe 6 ounces worth, in my big, heavy skillet. I diced half an onion and threw it in, too.

While the ground beef was browning, I diced half a green pepper and a bunch of those little tomatoes, and minced half the jalapeno. Threw them in, too. (And forgot to wash my hands well after handling that jalapeno, as I always admonish readers to do. When I touched the corner of my mouth, I was sorry.) I was out of fresh garlic (horror!), so I added a little garlic powder.

When the beef was done, I drained the excess grease, and stirred in about a teaspoon of cumin and some Vege-Sal. Then I scrambled 6 eggs, poured them in, and stirred till it set. Stirred in some minced cilantro, and served with avocado slices and a little extra cilantro on top.

Fabulous! And I predict I will not be hungry till 6 or 7 tonight.

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Thank You, thank you, thank you!

Dear Dana, I want to thank you for all your wonderful cookbooks, your blog, and podcast. I came back to low-carbing after 15 years after a heart attack,a new diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, and the WheatBelly book. I found Robb Wolf's podcast, your podcast and Jimmy Moore's podcasts. I read everything I could by Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and other authors such as Gary Taubes.

I bought four of your cookbooks and your recipes have been very popular with my family. Every recipe that I tried was a huge success. I've purchased other low-carb cookbooks, but your recipes are the best!

I lost ten pounds in a month, my sugar reading is normal,and most importantly, I have no angina. I feel better than I have in three years. I pre-ordered your Paleo cookbook and I am eagerly awaiting your return to podcasting.

I was wondering if you could add some recipes for wild game. My family and I live in Canada and my husband is a hunter and therefore we have a freezer full of deer and wild turkey. Keep up the good work! Keep cooking and writing!

La Torre!

Before I moved away from Bedford in Fall of 2000, my wife and I ate at the Bedford La Torre several times a month. We'd gotten to where we were on a first-name basis with the owner and most of wait staff.

La Torre is still one of our all-time favorite Mexican restaurants. I'll try to remember to order the Huevos con Machaca if I ever again find myself there on a weekend morning.

That sounds so yummy, Dana!

That sounds so yummy, Dana! I used to be in the habit of sauteing onions to go in my scrambled eggs, but I've been forgetting that lately. Anything to make eggs more savory than they already are! For breakfast tomorrow, I'll have to take my cue from your idea and jazz it up a little bit!