Omigosh, What A Breakfast!

It was a spectacularly beautiful morning here in Southern Indiana -- warm but not scorching, light breeze, crystal clear, brilliantly blue sky. That Nice Boy I Married and I went out for a walk first thing, taking our caffeine-of-choice along. (He had a car cup of coffee, I had a sports bottle of iced tea.) It was lovely.

On the way home, I found myself craving Machaca Eggs, properly called Huevos con Machaca. These are a traditional Mexican dish of dried beef, simmered soft again and pulled into shreds, then scrambled with eggs, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. La Torre, a local Mexican restaurant, makes 'em on the weekend, and they're to die for.

But the budget's tight, and TNBIM had a busy day planned, and going out wasn't happening. But I realized before I got home that I had in the fridge:

Eggs, of course.
Some ground beef, waiting to be used up
A green pepper
A jalapeno
And on the counter I had onions, and a container of grape tomatoes that weren't getting any younger.

So when I got home, I threw some ground beef, maybe 6 ounces worth, in my big, heavy skillet. I diced half an onion and threw it in, too.

While the ground beef was browning, I diced half a green pepper and a bunch of those little tomatoes, and minced half the jalapeno. Threw them in, too. (And forgot to wash my hands well after handling that jalapeno, as I always admonish readers to do. When I touched the corner of my mouth, I was sorry.) I was out of fresh garlic (horror!), so I added a little garlic powder.

When the beef was done, I drained the excess grease, and stirred in about a teaspoon of cumin and some Vege-Sal. Then I scrambled 6 eggs, poured them in, and stirred till it set. Stirred in some minced cilantro, and served with avocado slices and a little extra cilantro on top.

Fabulous! And I predict I will not be hungry till 6 or 7 tonight.

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