Our Evening At The Fair

So That Nice Boy I Married and I went to the county fair yesterday evening, and had a very nice time. We saw all the lovely beasts -- horses and goats and sheep and cows and bunnies, and lots and lots of chickens. We want more chickens! We were looking at all the pretty breeds and trying to decide what sorts we'd like to add to the flock next year.

We looked at the 4H exhibits, too, and all the commercial exhibits, everything from local funeral homes to political candidates to a nice lady with natural dog food, who says her company is going to start selling grain-free dog food soon; that interested us a great deal.

Being me, I also kept an eye open for what food was available. As predicted, most of it was atrocious -- fried Twinkies, fried Oreos, fried Snickers bars, yikes! Six-inch cinnamon rolls. More breaded and fried meat and chicken than you can believe. Fried dough in every form. Kettle corn and cotton candy.

Still, there was some low carb food if you kept your eyes open. I could have done a steak sandwich without the bun, or a sausage sandwich, ditto. Burgers were available, too, of course; again, you'd have to ditch the bun. There was barbecue with cole slaw, but I fear both would have been heavily sugared.

There were some bright spots, though. The freshly-made lemon shake-em-ups were available in a sugar-free version, and while soda and sweet tea abounded, it was also easy to find unsweetened iced tea. Our favorite, however, was a booth where they were fresh-frying and seasoning pork rinds. They offered plain, barbecue, Cajun, and hot-and-spicy. Being me -- a chili-head -- I bought a big bag of Cajun, and another of hot-and-spicy.

The rinds were fried in soy oil, which would not be my choice, but they have a great flavor and a wonderful light texture. I talked to the nice guy who makes 'em, and told him I wished they'd fry in lard. He said he'd love to, but too many people are sure that soy oil is healthier than lard. ARGH!

I did have my yearly ear of sweet corn, and it was very nice; That Nice Boy I Married had one, too. But we waited to have supper at home.

The one thing we didn't get to do was go on any rides. For some reason, the Midway wasn't operating. No matter; we have a parking pass good for the whole week, and we're going back tonight; TNBIM has made some buttons for a political candidate he favors, and we're taking them to her. So we're going to ride the Ferris wheel, at least. It was invented by a relative (my mom's maiden name was Ferris,) so family pride is involved. And anyway, it's a gorgeous evening, in the mid-eighties and sunny, with a light breeze. I can't think of anything nicer than a ride on a Ferris wheel. And maybe a sugar-free Lemon shake-em-up.

Hope you have a great evening, too!

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chicks to add

my favorite subject....chickens! may I suggest the Cream Brabanter?

Frying oils

exactly what oils are best for frying - besides lard. (something in a bottle I can keep in the pantry?)

Frying oil

I'd probably use peanut oil. Fairly high in monounsaturates, which means it's not as loaded with omega-6 as some. Macadamia is better, but it's seriously pricey. Never tried coconut oil in the deep fryer, but I probably should...

And the people who think that

And the people who think that about soy oil probably aren't low carb, in which case it's not exactly like the type of oil is going to make pork rinds all that much healthier for 'em!

Glad to hear you're having fun at the fair, and that you have more fun to look forward to; who knew you were Ferris wheel royalty? ;)