Questions Re Gelatin

Unsurprisingly, my post about my gelatin supplementation and my excitement about it has generated a lot of interest, and raised a lot of questions. Let me address this.

* Although I did wake up four pounds lighter the next morning, as I said I do not believe gelatin made me magically lose four pounds of fat overnight. I have not been dropping weight like crazy, though I've remained a couple of pounds lighter. I do feel like my body is a bit firmer, like the gelatin is doing good things for my muscles. Keep in mind that I'm doing Slow Burn on my Total Gym every 4-6 days or so.

* I am, indeed, swallowing plain, dry gelatin powder. Some of you have found it nasty to swallow. I have been taking a lot of supplements for over thirty years, and am an accomplished swallower; it really doesn't bother me. I do make sure to have a glass of water right there, ready to drink right away, rather than putting the gelatin on my tongue and then running the water. The less time allowed for the gelatin to interact with saliva, the less sticky gunk will wind up in your mouth.

* There is absolutely no reason not to stir the gelatin into a glass of water and drink it down. I just find swallowing the dry powder easier, especially with the quantities I'm taking.

* The only reason to take the gelatin on an empty stomach is in hopes of getting a hypothetical growth hormone release. There are apparently many benefits to increasing your gelatin intake, of which the possibility of growth hormone release is only one -- and one I'm not even sure of.

* If you are hoping for a growth hormone release, then not only do you need to stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime (I try to allow three hours,) you mustn't eat anything after taking the gelatin, either. The point is for concentrated doses of specific amino acids to hit your bloodstream without a bunch of anything else interfering. And again, many people find that quitting eating a few hours before bed helps control weight in and of itself.

* This also means that if you want that (again, I stress, hypothetical) growth hormone release you shouldn't mix the gelatin with another food, like yogurt.

* On the other hand, I see no reason why those double-strength Knox Blox or other finger-jello wouldn't be fine, so long as it has only calorie-and-carb free liquid added to the gelatin.

* As for "jello water" being used for diarrhea, yes, gelatin is soothing to the intestinal tract. Just another benefit, and a good reason to use real, homemade broth instead of packaged stuff if you're getting over a stomach bug.

* If you like Jello dessert gelatin, might as well eat the sugar-free stuff, though come to think of it, is it still sweetened with aspartame? I don't know. If you're sensitive to aspartame but otherwise not worried about artificial flavors and colors, remember that Jello is basically gelatin and Kool-Aid. No reason not to use add-your-own-sugar Kool-Aid plus the sweetener of your choice to make a gelatin dessert.

* Never considered the risk of a choking hazard. Again, I'm so used to swallowing supplements that I just take it for granted I won't have a problem. But gelatin doesn't swell the way guar or xanthan do. I was frankly shocked the first time I used guar!

I still feel ridiculously strong and positive. And today I once again woke up early and took a sunrise walk. Of all of the effects of the gelatin so far, this is the one that absolutely stuns me. I am a lifetime insomniac and night owl; my entire adult life has been organized around the principle that Dana Doesn't Do Early. (Be glad; if I'd been a lark instead of an owl I might have been a lawyer or something, instead of a cookbook author.) That I'm waking up cheerful and energetic around 7 am, more mornings than not, is nothing short of bizarre, given my history.

I'm still waiting for my specific growth hormone releaser supplements to show up, though I may continue with just the gelatin for a while even after they do, so as not to muddy the waters, as it were.

I will keep you posted.

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