SOPA/PIPA Protest Blackout - January 18th

FYI, this website and our spinoff site, My TotalGym Transformation, will be "going black" on Wednesday, January 18th, in protest of the proposed internet censorship legislation being considered by Congress this week. More information about the strike, including a list of participating websites (Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, icanhazcheezburger, and many, many more) is available at the Strike Against SOPA website. More information about the House and Senate bills, and how they would "break the internet", is available here, along with a form you can use to send a message to your Congresspersons and Senators, urging them to vote against this legislation.

This fignt is non-partisan. This would affect everyone who uses the internet for any purpose whatsoever. If you operate a website, please consider joining this strike. There are plugins available for Drupal and WordPress that will blackout your site all day on the 18th, returning it to normal after the event.

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OK, partial blackout

Apparently the blackout didn't work for everyone. I had one person report that she could still see the site, and I actually had mixed results that seemed to be based on which browser I was using and whether I was logged in. I suspect that it had to do with cookies and session control, which gets into the geek side of things, so I won't elaborate or speculate further. The information above is what is most important, and I'm pleased to say that it appears the overall web-protest had a significant impact. Congress-critters are dropping their support in droves for SOPA/PIPA, and the supporters are desperate enough that they have started running ads.

Internet Censorship

Thank you so much for posting this on your blog today. I had signed a petition last week, but hadn't heard anything about the black out. I've sent the information to everyone I could. I will be personally affected tomorrow at work. I've been using Google for 4 days on a project!

I appreciate your blog and everything you do for us low-carbers!