Start Planning Now!

Gang, I know I got back from the Low Carb Cruise less than a week ago, but truly, it's time to start thinking about the 2012 cruise NOW! Especially since we have learned that Gary Taubes will be coming along and speaking. I go all fan-girl at the very thought. And anyway, if your budget looks anything like my budget, you'll need that time to save your spare change to pay your fare. Worth it, worth it, worth it.

If you think there's even a chance you'll go, go join the Low Carb Cruise Facebook group; it will keep you updated on plans. Too, right this second, Becky Gandy, who plans the whole thing, bless her, is running a poll as to what sort of cabin people will want -- an inside cabin (cheapest), a window cabin, a balcony cabin, a balcony suite, that sort of thing. That way she can reserve the right balance of cabins. Voting in the poll in no way obligates you to go, of course, it will just let Becky serve the whole cruise group better. So go vote, 'kay?

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