Stories! I Hear Stories!

So there we were, That Nice Boy I Married and I, in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, on our drive to my Mom's memorial service in New Jersey. We'd spent the night in Wheeling, West Virginia, and driven as far as New Stanton before stopping for breakfast.

So we were in a Bob Evan's, being waited on by a cheerful and efficient woman named Beverly H. (I'd like to insert, parenthetically, my respect for people who can do this sort of job well. I lasted 5 days waiting tables. People who make it look easy dazzle me.) I was looking at the omelets, and asked Beverly if Bob Evan's added anything to the eggs they made them with -- I'd heard rumors that some restaurants added pancake batter. She said she didn't believe they did, but I could specify "just eggs" and I'd be fine.

I said that was great, and said I didn't need toast or hash browns, maybe I could have tomato slices instead? She said sure, and I explained with a laugh, "I'm one of those weird Atkins people." Beverly said that wasn't weird at all, it was great. She needed to get our order in, and help other patrons, but added as she left, "I have story for you."

Beverly brought my omelet and bacon, and That Nice Boy I Married's over-easy eggs and bacon, and very nice they were. Ten minutes or so later, when she had a little breathing room, she came by the table and handed me a few photos, well-worn, and curled from being carried in a wallet or purse. They were of Beverly, who is now trim and energetic, back when she was morbidly obese. Yes, she proudly told us, she'd lost 205 pounds by eating low carb. Two hundred and five pounds!

Wow. Wow-wow-wow. It's this sort of thing that makes me grin all day long. I told her what I do for a living, of course, and gave her the URL for this website. I added, "I'm going to blog about you, you know." She said that would be fine, and she'd come take a look.

So Beverly H. of New Stanton, Pennsylvania, here's your story, and a big, big congratulations to you. I know everyone here at Hold The Toast is just as proud of you as I am.

I'm grinning all over again. I just love this stuff.

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