Stupid Ad I Missed

"Good Mood Food?" Arby's cheap roast beef sandwiches and curly fries will somehow bring warring factions together, and promote peace, love and understanding?

I particularly like the one where the cute young man tells us that up till now, we've eating Angus beef (what is it with Angus beef, anyway?) the way "the man" wants us to, but now we're going to eat it our way, or something. 'Cause eating a cheap sandwich of what I suspect is ground and re-formed beef is sticking it to "the man," and a great way to express our individuality.

Indeed, getting your food from a major corporation (but not "the man," because a multi-billion dollar corporation couldn't possibly be associated with "the man," whoever "the man" might be) is a gently rebellious act, and will make you a better person, and the world a better place.

And I am Marie of Romania.

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Dana, I thought of you...

...when I was waiting in line at a buffet to get my breakfast eggs. I order them over medium to make sure they don't give me any substitutes. But I was quite amused when I saw a carton sitting there marked "Real Egg Substitute," and all I could think of was "I wonder what kind of comments Dana would have about that!"

Egg beaters

Nothing, I think, tops this. I was putting something in the freezer at work and noticed a carton of Egg Beaters there (next to some low-fat ice cream). I picked it up out of curiosity. This was emblazoned on the carton: "99% Real Eggs!"

99% Real Eggs!

Yeah, well, the dozen eggs I ate today were 100% real eggs. Tasty and filling, too.

Anyway, you can't make fried "eggs" with Egg Beaters.

I hate ads

I hate ads, especially the ones for statins. They should have never let the pharmaceutical companies advertise drugs.


One of the worst decisions made was allowing drug companies to advertise to the public. It is bad enough that they "advertise" (read buy off) doctors. I sat in a Dr. office between two drug reps who thought I was deep in my book and not listening to their conversation. I was shocked! They were complaining about the "cut" in their budget so they could only offer a golfing trip to the doc once a month now. How were they to make their quota without offering all the incentives to these doctors to prescribe their drugs? I nearly went to the receptionist to cancel my appt. I no longer trust anything from FDA, Drug company info etc. I also question anything my doctor says with a very wary attitude!

I wondered

I wondered how you missed that one in your critique. I love trying to watch commercials through your eyes. They are so much more entertaining that way.

Good mood food

I despise their commercials, have to put the tv on mute or turn the channel altogether. I don't mind their food....the chicken salad is really good - and their ham and cheese is pretty tasty (from what I remember). So much for the snappy commercial jingle - ugh - awful!