Sugar-Free Sweetener Poll

I've learned that no matter what sweetener I use in a recipe, someone will object. This one is really all over the map. So tell me: What sweeteners will you and won't you use in your own cooking? Again, comments are fine, but please do actually vote in the poll.
I'll use Splenda, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners.
38% (21 votes)
I'll use Splenda, but not aspartame.
36% (20 votes)
I'll only use natural sweeteners like stevia.
9% (5 votes)
I prefer some of the up-and-coming sugar alcohols (polyols) like xylitol and erythritol.
14% (8 votes)
I don't use sweeteners at all; I feel it's best to learn to live without sweet flavors.
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 56
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I voted for Splenda, but I

I voted for Splenda, but I also use the sugar alcohols (not maltitol), and especially the stevia/sugar alcohol blends (Zsweet, steviva)

A little Splenda...

I use a little Splenda now and then, but find a need to really steer clear of sweeteners. When I do use sweeteners, I find that it really exacerbates my on-going addiction to sugar and find that I'm seeking out sweet food (usually junk) in response. I don't add sugar, honey, stevia, or even erythritol or other sugar alcohols to anything. The rare occasion that I use Splenda in something I'm making for myself* is a pinch in low-carb "Russian" salad dressing to counterpoint the horseradish, or in a sweet & sour marinade.

*That being said, I should note that I bake & make waffles, etc. for my non-low carbing husband. Even then, I've cut way back on the carbs he eats - and occasionally he notices. :)

Sweetener poll

My vote went to sugar alcohols but I also use Splenda and Stevia.


My current favorite sweetener for baking is Steviva (a stevia/erythritol blend).

I like Sweet

I like Sweet's oligofructose. Expensive, but worth it.