Sugar Free Limoncello

Here's how I made the sugar-free limoncello, but please keep in mind I've never had the traditional sugary kind, so I have nothing to compare it to:

I ran a bottle of vodka through our Britta 5 times. Is there anyone left who doesn't know you can improve vodka by running it through a Britta? Anyway, that's what I did first.

Then I grated the zest of a dozen lemons and added them to 750 ml (about three cups) of vodka, and let it sit for about a month, shaking it whenever I thought of it.

Strained and filtered this (coffee filter), added another 750 ml of vodka and a whole bottle of Da Vinci's SF simple syrup for acidic mixtures, which I just happened to have on hand. Bottled it, and let it sit for another few weeks.

Chilled and tried it yesterday, and it's very nice, though frankly a tad sweet for my tastes, but then so many things are anymore. I'm thinking it'll be great over ice in a tall glass, with club soda to fill, though.

If any hard-core limoncello fans try this I'd love feedback, since I was, indeed, flying blind.

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