Sugar Free Limoncello

Here's how I made the sugar-free limoncello, but please keep in mind I've never had the traditional sugary kind, so I have nothing to compare it to:

I ran a bottle of vodka through our Britta 5 times. Is there anyone left who doesn't know you can improve vodka by running it through a Britta? Anyway, that's what I did first.

Then I grated the zest of a dozen lemons and added them to 750 ml (about three cups) of vodka, and let it sit for about a month, shaking it whenever I thought of it.

Strained and filtered this (coffee filter), added another 750 ml of vodka and a whole bottle of Da Vinci's SF simple syrup for acidic mixtures, which I just happened to have on hand. Bottled it, and let it sit for another few weeks.

Chilled and tried it yesterday, and it's very nice, though frankly a tad sweet for my tastes, but then so many things are anymore. I'm thinking it'll be great over ice in a tall glass, with club soda to fill, though.

If any hard-core limoncello fans try this I'd love feedback, since I was, indeed, flying blind.

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simple syrup?

I only know of the Da Vinci's syrups with flavor. What exactly did you use? Thanks. This recipe sounds heavenly. Can't wait to try it.

How viscous was it?

To me the test of a good limoncello is its viscosity! Did it pour like motor oil, or like Gatorade? If it was close to motor oil, it was probably pretty good and worth trying!

How viscous was it? (As opposed to vicious?)

Even with Spenda it was very thick when frozen. But as earlier reported it’s pretty vicious with Everclear. I highly recommend Vodka.


Wouldn't the viscosity come from the sugar, though? Not going to get that from Splenda.

Creamy Lemoncello

How interesting you also made this sugarfree. A couple of weeks ago I finished making my lemoncello using Davinci splenda sweetner also. Since I followed the lemoncello directions using Everclear, it was too "hot" from the liquor for my taste. I heated some of the lemoncello with cream and almond milk and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Worked great and I now am enjoying Creamy Lemoncello. Very good after-dinner dessert drink!

What's this about vodka and Brita?

Dana, I have never heard of this. What does running vodka through a Brita do to it?

Thanks! :-)

Vodka and the Brita

Did I spell Brita wrong? Sorry!

Here's the deal: One of the big differences between cheap vodka and good vodka is extensive filtering. So if you run cheap vodka through a Brita a good four-five times it improves it tremendously. I'm not a fan of straight vodka, so I can't tell you if filtered Dark Eyes or Kamchatka is up to, say, Gray Goose or Ketel One standards. But having poured off a shot of the cheap stuff before filtering, and then trying it side-by-side with the much-filtered results, I can tell you it makes quite a difference.

This is the reason I own a Brita. (I have a whole-house water filter, so I don't need it for water.)