Sweeteners in Products

This is for those of you who do use low carb and sugar-free products. What sweeteners will you and won't you accept in products?
Any of 'em -- aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-K (ACE-K), maltitol, xylitol, erythritol, stevia
33% (15 votes)
No aspartame, but the others are okay.
24% (11 votes)
I'll only use products with more natural sweeteners, like xylitol, erythritol, and stevia.
13% (6 votes)
I'll use most of them, but maltitol gives me gut trouble.
30% (14 votes)
Total votes: 46
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I really don't like stevia,

I really don't like stevia, "natural" or not. It has a weird aftertaste. I do get a bad reaction from some of the sugar alcohols, but I never tracked down which ones since Russel Stover switched to Splenda. I absolutely wouldn't use anything with saccharine, like Sweet'n Low. Nasty and bitter.

Dana, regarding Tab, I had a chance to have one a few years ago - can't remember where we were - and it was beyond awful. I couldn't believe we actually used to like the stuff. The new sweeteners are so much better. I wonder if cyclamates were as good as they seemed. They tasted totally natural at the time, before they were unujustly banned. I understand they're still available in Europe.


The formula for Tab has been changed since my youth; it now contains aspartame as well as saccharine, so any urge I might have to try it for nostalgia's sake would be meaningless. And I hate soda so much now, I can't imagine I would like it even if it were the stuff I remembered.

Yes, I believe cyclamates are still available in much of the world. You'd think they could be brought back here, what with the general acceptance of artificial sweeteners.

I voted 4 (no maltitol),

I voted 4 (no maltitol), because that's the only one I definitely avoid, but it definitely makes me happier to find products sweetened with sucralose than with aspartame.

I still use mainstream sugar-free products (diet pepsi, Jello-brand pudding and gelatin, etc.) so I accept the aspartame in them, but if it's a specialty lowcarb product (which tend to be more expensive, I expect them to use less problematic sweeteners, preferably erythritol or xylitol).


You need another category! I seem to have problems with any of the sugar alcohols, so I avoid those. I use sucralose, avoid aspartame and will cop to eating some sugar. Obviously I'm not anywhere near as strict about this as others.

I figured out that aspartame

I figured out that aspartame raises my blood pressure. My husband thinks it was making him feel nervous/jittery. I don't have blood pressure problems even with what that raises it to, but who knows what else that sh!t is doing in my body. I won't say no to an icy cold diet coke if I'm out and it's available, but I say no just as much and refuse to keep it in the house.


I lost my diet soda jones when Diet Coke took over the market and Tab disappeared. I never liked Diet Coke as well as Tab, and I quickly discovered that 2 cans a day were enough to give me panic attacks at night. Every once in a great while I'll use SF instant pudding mix in a recipe, and sadly I can't find sucralose-sweetened pudding mix. Other than that, I don't use aspartame.