"Turbo Low-Carb"

So we're at the grocery store, That Nice Boy I Married and I, picking up cocoa powder and cream of tartar so I could try making chocolate meringues. At the checkout there's the usual array of magazines, and on the cover of Women's World, one of the more inane of the women's magazines -- you know, one of the ones where nearly every headline throughout the magazine ends with an exclamation point: "Super-Easy, Super Delicious Family Suppers!" "Sense Your Way To Success!" Take The Work Out of Working Out!" Etc. The biggest, splashiest headline of all read TURBO LOW CARB! The San Diego miracle diet that's EASIER THAN ATKINS! Discover the "secret weapon" that blocks calories from being absorbed! LOSE 2 SIZES in 17 days!

Okay, I bit. Normally, I would have stood by the checkout and skimmed the article without buying, but we were in a hurry, so I ponied up the $1.79 so I could report back to you guys. So what is this new "miracle diet," and how is it "easier than Atkins?"

Devised by a Dr. Mike Moreno, it is, indeed, a low carb diet, I'm pleased to say. But it's a pretty low fat version, focusing on chicken breast, turkey breast, and white fish. It's split about 50/50 between whole eggs and whites-only. (Take a look here for the low down on the comparative nutritional value of whites and yolks.) It calls for low fat and fat free dairy, as well as fat free salad dressings.

I'm not a big fan of fat restriction, and weight my diet toward as much as 75% of calories from fat. Really low fat, low carb diets -- ie, nothing but lean protein -- are actually dangerous, will make you sick. Still, this version has some olive oil, and probably enough fat -- and carbs, from a fruit a day -- to prevent "rabbit sickness."

In fact, this reminds me a lot of the now-abandoned Weight Watchers "Core" program that my sister has done really well on. Wouldn't be my choice, but it's not a disaster.

It's the claims that this diet is "easier than Atkins" that make me snort. "...(T)here's no diet math -- no carbs to count, no equations to figure." Um, when was it that Atkins called for equations? Because I don't remember any equations being involved. Indeed, if you just stick to meat and eggs and a couple of cups of salad a day, you're fine, no figuring at all.

They're also claiming that it will keep you more "satisfied" than Atkins, but I find it hard to imagine being more satisfied with a ground turkey burger with fat-free cheese than I am with a rib eye steak. Too, Dr. Moreno wants you to add back two servings of concentrated carbs per day -- a serving being defined as a sweet potato or 1/2 cup of brown rice, oatmeal, or quinoa -- after the first 17 days. I don't know about you, but for me that would trigger major hunger, not to mention weight gain.

Oh, and that "secret weapon that blocks calories from being absorbed"? Probiotics. I have no idea if that's true, but they're good for you in a lot of ways, so I have no problem with 'em, so long as you're not eating sugary yogurt.

So there you go. If it sounds good to you, the book is called The 17 Day Diet. I'll probably go on eating the way I do, thanks.

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If you're a serious athlete,

the Turbo thing is asking for trouble. You need fuel - either in the form of carbs or fat. A low carb and low fat diet will seriously hinder performance.

Fat is my fuel of choice. These kinds of diets just further the myth that a low-carb diet implies a high protein diet. No. It implies a high fat diet. Try telling that to a bunch of lipophobes who wonder how they got so fat.

High Fat Diet

Oh, agree! When I keep track, I deliberately shoot for 70-75% of my calories from fat, mostly animal fat.

Think I should go have leftover steak, and eggs fried in bacon grease.

High Fat Diet

Oh, agree! When I keep track, I deliberately shoot for 70-75% of my calories from fat, mostly animal fat.

Think I should go have leftover steak, and eggs fried in bacon grease.

Turbo Low Carb

I too saw that magazine, and caved and bought it... then happened to see the book in my local bookstore, but resisted buying it, only to cave (again!)and buy the kindle version later, (only $10) ...I agree with you, it doesn't sound bad, but more fat & less carbs are probably better... I don't feel deprived if I have a nice big hamburger patty with lettuce instead of a bun, but I sure felt cheated when my mother in law made veggie burgers the other day... they may be only 100 cal per patty, but they're 100 cal of cardboardy grossness that leaves you still wanting a real burger.

Me, Myself and I are

Me, Myself and I are perfectly happy following the Atkins plan although lately but anything with the word Carb grabs my attention and I completely understand how the extra word "Turbo" would turn any persons head when referencing a diet or automobile.

Turbo Atkins again and again

This is hilarious. Before your posts on the magazine, I was googling the word Turbo Atkins and there was a couple of years of articles about Women's World having that as a headline, before this one. Very creative.



Some of them seem better than others. All in all though, I am with you that the original Atkins is the best and easiest to follow, and also appreciate the fact that they are trying to get people on board in whatever way possible.

On a different note, you got me thinking about sweet potatoes. I got this impression that Sweet potatoes were pretty low carb and started to order Culver's sweet potatoe fries as a side to my bunless burger, but the carb count is a bit expensive at about 20 carbs. (not sure about size).

Sweet Versus White Potatoes

According to MasterCook, 3 ounces of regular (white) potato has 15 grams of carb with 1 gram of fiber. 3 ounces of sweet potatoes has 15 grams of carb with 2 grams of fiber. Not a big enough difference to worry about, if you ask me. The sweet potato is more nutritious, however.

I Saw That Magazine Yesterday

While running to the store yesterday for heavy whipping cream, pork chops, and eggs(!), that magazine front caught my eye as well. I smiled when I saw my Hold The Toast home page this afternoon :o)

[Kudos to the mag's art layout department, because I don't normally look at those, as I am busy with my groceries, and they definitely got a lot of folks' attention!]

Like you, I thumbed through the article and decided that I much preferred my own diet. I just never cease to be amazed at how many people can reinvent this effective diet - all the while gaining celebrity and making loads of money.

Turbo Atkins

Saw this Saturday. I went ahead and went through the checkout with my meat, eggs, cream and veg. Didn't go back to get brown rice. :)

Okay, I'll 'fess up. I also had two pounds of frozen peaches. After all, today is Pi Day.

Pi Day

I know! I was thinking of maybe making a low carb pi today, but you really need to eat it at 1:59, and there's no way I'll get it done by then. And my main job for the day is recording the podcast.

Thanks, we'll pass on the

Thanks, we'll pass on the carbs. In fact we'll pass on all the New and Improved diets.

But we will keep your Inauthentic Bulgogi rib steak recipe in the rotation. Tonight, while my DH went out in the rain and wind to the store for steaks, I made up the seasoning mix in the Magic Bullet. (And then of course, he had to go out in the rain and wind to cook it on the grill, what a guy!) I just got the 15 Minute LC Recipes yesterday at Powell's, so this is the first thing I've tried. Two thumbs up from us, and a big thank you!


Atkins had a chapter in one of his books on intestinal yeast overgrowth being one possible cause of not losing weight (or plateauing) on a low carb diet. Probiotics do fight yeast infections. Atkins, I think, said that somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% of the population may have yeast overgrowth in the intestines. The mainstream medical establishment of course insists that's impossible.

I saw that too!

Rachel and I were getting groceries tonight and I saw this WW mag. I flipped through it while we waited and while I was glad to see this wasn't another KK diet, I'm with you that this guy has no idea just how satisfying and diet with plenty of fat can be. Just yesterday I had a protein shake for breakfast, a bun-less burger, with the fixins, for lunch, a protein bar for a snack and for dinner I had a 12 oz Ribeye, a salad and grilled asparagus. It was fantastic AND I'd dropped weight this morning. I didn't count a single thing, I was full, and I enjoyed every bite. :)

Turbo low carb diet

I was tempted to buy that issue of Woman's World - but didn't. Glad you wrote something abt the article. People have been on Dr Phil's show stating they are on the 17 day diet and feel so much better...not just the weight loss, but over all. I haven't read anything abt the 17 day diet. I do know you have to go to a particular website to order the book, not available in stores.
What gets me abt the magazine (many magazines), there are alot of articles stating - be yourself, don't worry abt your weight, etc.. why is it that with every issue there is a different diet on the cover ??

Low carb is awesome, no heartburn, no blood sugar problems...very easy to follow since breads, etc (anything with gluten) and starches give me such problems.... so I stay away from them. Simple as that!!
Love your new website !!!