A Two Line Review of the New Chocolate Quest Bars

A Two Line Review of the new Chocolate Quest Bars:

Me: "They remind me of Tootsie Rolls."

TNBIM: "Oh, geez, totally!"

Considerably higher protein and lower carb than Tootsie Rolls, of course.

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Alas, these make my blood sugar spike too. Up 40 points or more. I haven't tried the chocolate ones but the peanut butter and vanilla almond ones. They are delicious and we've eaten them off and on since they first came out but I decided to test and darn it all, I do spike. So no more for me.

They are yummy. Too bad they

They are yummy. Too bad they make my blood sugar shoot up to almost 200. No more Quest bars for me.


Bummer. Now I have to test 'em.


I've never heard of these, will need to do some investigating.. Is wheat one of the ingredients?

I'm in the middle of Dr William Davis' Wheat Belly book....very interesting !!

I am a bit confused, however, I found a Russell Stover pecan delight in the pantry....do I consume it because it has no wheat - or stay away from it because it has 32 carbs.

Wheat in Quest Bars

I don't know, because I haven't eaten one since reading Wheat Belly -- bars are a very small part of my diet. But I can read the label and report back.

And if the Russell Stover is the kind with tons of sugar, you know perfectly well you shouldn't eat it. :-D

Russell Stover's

Oh well... it was worth a try.....


They are yummy. Too bad they

They are yummy. Too bad they make my blood sugar shoot up to almost 200. No more Quest bars for me.

Nuke them long enough to get

Nuke them long enough to get a little crispy around the edges and they are just like brownies, in fact like the best brownies I have ever had. You may have to experiment with your microwave as they are not all the same, but only add a few seconds at a time as they burn rather quickly. I find that all the Quest bars satisfy the appetite for quite a while.

New Chocolate Quest Bars

Heat it in the Microwave for 20 seconds... reminds me of soft warm chocolate cake!!!!

Is this Chocolate Quest Bar

Is this Chocolate Quest Bar available anywhere?

Yes, DUH! Clearly I haven't

Yes, DUH! Clearly I haven't had enough caffeine yet today, or I would have linked to them. I'll go fix that now.


Okay, now there's a link in the review up above.

I'm waiting for samples...

When I saw the ingredients were compatible with how hubby and I eat, I went to Netrition to see if they had them. BUT, didn't wanna pay for hot weather /cooling packaging...so, I requested free samples, first. I'm still waiting on those.

Looking forward to getting one of those for hubby to try (for his lunchboxes). :D He uses Larabars now (too carby for me, but fine for him, Mr. Burning Up Metaboliism Has To Eat 7 Times a Day Or Turn Into A Bone Since Going Semi-Primal).


Quest and BG's

I bought mine at Netrition and did pay for the temperature sensitive wrapping. When they arrived they were so hot and almost melted. I had to put them in the freezer to reharden. Most of the time my bg does pretty good with Quest Bars. But if I wake up high and eat a Quest Bar bgs will go sky high. So I reserve them for when my bg is around 100-110. They are convenient for travel, much better than Atkins which often get kind of messy when chocolate melts. Also I think the whey protein may be responsible for bg spike. Protein does get converted to glucose at a much slower rate. I better check to see if there is wheat in them.