Well, Well, Well...

On my trip through the KFC ingredients page, I found the ingredients for their popcorn chicken. The first ingredient? Diced chicken breast meat fritters with rib meat. In other words, their popcorn chicken is not made from whole cuts of chicken breast, but from chopped up and reformed chicken. Sounding more and more like a nugget to me.

Interestingly, the McD's website list of the ingredients of McNuggets gives the first ingredient as "white boneless chicken." Since this is followed by a list of other stuff before we ever get to the "breading" ingredients, I'm guessing that's chopped or ground up white chicken, stuck back together.

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What part of the chicken is the popcorn?

Found this on youtube....what part of the chicken is the nugget?


My question, like everybody else's, though, is "What part of the chicken is the popcorn?"

White boneless chicken, no

White boneless chicken, no less. I'm pretty sure all our chickens have bones, even the white ones!

And just how much meat is there on a chicken rib, anyway?