What Sort Of Diet Are You Eating

I'm trying to determine where my readers are now, so I have an idea how best to serve you, what sort of recipes I should be working on, what books I should be reading, etc. To help with that, I'm putting up a series of polls. Comments are fine, but please, actually vote in the polls -- the ability to see at a glance what the trends are is very helpful. First question is what sort of diet are you eating? Are you eating an Atkins-style low carb diet -- keeping carbs low, but eating dairy, artificial sweeteners, low carb products like meal replacement bars, low carb tortillas, sugar free chocolate, and the like? Are you trending more toward a paleo or primal diet, cutting out soy, artificial sweeteners, and processed low carb stuff? Are you following Dr. Rob Thompson's Glycemic Load Diet? Are you just keeping an eye on carbs, but not really counting or being strict? Is there an option I'm forgetting?
I eat a Basic Low Carb Diet -- Atkins or Protein Power-style.
46% (29 votes)
I'm eating Paleo or Primal -- I've dropped artificial sweeteners, processed low carb products, soy, and all grains.
24% (15 votes)
I'm following the Glycemic Load Diet.
2% (1 vote)
I keep an eye on carbs, but don't really follow a specific plan.
24% (15 votes)
I'm restricting carbs in some other way.
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 63
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I've done them all. I was on

I've done them all. I was on The Glycemic Load Diet for a long while but have since switched to South Beach. I like the structure of South Beach. And I'm losing faster than on GL Diet.

I do avoid gluten, and I feel best lowering my saturated fat, which is what South Beach does. Too much butter, etc. on GL Diet. It just wasn't for me after a while. I know you have a love affair with sat fat, but it's not for all of us.

sorta South Beach

I started South Beach years ago and have kept to it fairly closely. 50 carbs or less a day. I voted for restricting carbs because I don't really follow one plan strictly. I do not follow paleo or primal at all

I voted Paleo, but...

I still eat dairy and a little splenda with my coffee. But I'm moving away from low carb products in favor of real foods. I don't know if I'll ever stop eating dairy, I love it too much, but I do want to base most of my diet on real foods and not prepackaged items. And I'm trying to learn how to include more organ meats into my diet.

I aspire to Primal/Paleo but

I aspire to Primal/Paleo but I'm somewhere short of that ideal for now. As of January, I have given up all grains, potatoes, corn, soy... I rarely use sweetener, but when I do, I use Stevia in some form... I try to eat organic/sustainable when I can, etc. But I do count carbs as I am working on weight loss. I am generally following Eades/Atkins guidelines with about a 20-40g carb daily limit. And I will also go to Carl's Jr. and have a lettuce wrap burger when I'm in a hurry - or the equivalent elsewhere - or pick up "regular" (non-organic) meat, chicken, eggs, etc., when it's necessary/convenient. So I guess I'm trying to move more and more toward Primal/Paleo, without being fanatical about it. My immediate concern is continued weight loss, but over the long haul, I want to focus on my health and wellbeing by creating a low carb diet THAT I CAN SUSTAIN. So far, it's been pretty easy with the following exceptions: caffeine, red wine and cheese, all of which I like a little too much...

Sweeteners and diet

I like the concept of Primal/Paleo, but I don't follow it completely. When I feel the need for a sweet thing, I try to use "natural" non-nutritive sweeteners when I can (Stevia, Erythritol, Sweet Perfection), but I will use Splenda, on occasion. I use nuts and nut meal, and coconut flour for baked goods. I'm trying to avoid all grains and even vital wheat gluten these days.

In my case, at least, "some

In my case, at least, "some other way" means Atkins without the "products," especially not ANY product that contains grains, even "resistant" starches. I eat zero soy, and very few artificial sweeteners. That said, I don't consider stevia and erythritol "artificial," so I do use those. I use either 100% baking chocolate, melted and sweetened with "e" or stevia, or - horrors! - 90% chocolate with sugar!

All my beef is grass-fed. The eggs are pastured, but chicken and pork - I haven't sourced well yet. So, that's why I chose some "other way," because I feel like I am taking the best from Atkins and the best from Paleo and combining them for what works for me. Hope that helps a little!


I voted primal, but I do a few artificial sweeteners here and there.

me too

I'd call it Real Food Protein Power or something. I don't profess to be primal or paleo because I can't handle the infighting. I eat full fat dairy (mostly cheese and h&h)and small amts of splenda or stevia. Try hard to get well-sourced meats, local veg, etc.

me three :)

I guess I'm like most others who commented here. I basically stay Atkinsish lowcarb (when I'm being good), and I try to eat real foods as much as I can and limit the products.

That being said, I still eat Dreamfields pasta once a month or so, drink a Pepsi Max (or 2) a day, every now and then mixed with Scotch or vodka, drink Crystal Lite and Koolaid, eat Jello and instant pudding, etc.

And I still buy my food from the grocery store, so no organic or grass-fed or raw milk for me yet.