What's-Kicking-Around-The-Fridge Omelet

For the past three days I've had the same magnificent breakfast, and it's all because I just happened to have some stuff in the fridge:

Last Thursday night, my Toastmasters club had our annual Bash-at-the-Lake. Not only did I wind up with some leftover cucumber salad and grilled chicken -- my contributions -- but That Nice Boy I Married, unbeknownst to me, snagged a huge pile of leftover pulled pork, brought by my good friend Virginia, a native of Kentucky, where they know their pulled pork.

The next morning, I just knew I had to make a pulled pork omelet. I sauteed a little diced onion in bacon grease, then stirred in a handful of yummy shredded pork, plus a little chili powder and hot sauce. When the onion was tender, I scooped all this out, and went looking for some cheese.

Out in the garage fridge (doesn't everyone have a garage fridge?) I found a five-pound block of Cabot's Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar, better than which it is hard to get. As I bore my prize back to the kitchen, I remembered I had a couple of perfectly ripe avocados just begging to be eaten.

So I made an omelet, layering it first with shredded Cabot's cheddar, then the pulled pork, with avocado slices added right before folding. O.M.G.

I'm down to my last half-avocado. I think I'd better go get another couple, because I'm eating pulled pork-cheese-and-avocado omelets until I'm out of pulled pork. At which point, I may have to go buy a pork shoulder and slow smoke it.

These are just too good.

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delicious! thank you!

This article inspired me to make some pulled pork just so I could make this with the leftovers! I had a fantastic "Boston Butt" in the freezer--I was lucky enough to get one that even had the skin still on! After giving it a good spice rub, I slow cooked it in the oven all day long at 250. Then I took it out for about 20 minutes to rest. After that I had the oven up to 400 degrees and put it back in for about 15 minutes or so to allow the skin to puff up and get all crispy. It was amazing! When you do that, you end up with homeade pork rinds all around the meat. It was amazing. I ended up turning a good portion of the meat into pulled pork and then made that fantastic omelet the next morning with avocado and cheese. Thanks for such a great idea! From now on that will be my leftover to look forward to!

Pulled Pork

Dana this sounds yummy.

I have been eating a pork roast all week, but I didn't smoke it. I threw it in the crock pot with a bottle of Trader Joe's Salsa Verde, a little bit of water and 4 hours later, I had some really yummy shredded pork.