What I Just Had For Breakfast

I've been nagging you for years to eat breakfast -- preferably a big one, with plenty of protein. Few diet strategies could be more bass-ackward than skipping breakfast; you'd do far better to skip dinner, though I'm not advising that either. Breakfast is the single most powerful weapon for controlling hunger and energy level throughout the day. (This would be the one thing that stupid "Big Breakfast Study" got right.)

So what did I eat for breakfast today? One of the most nutritious, filling, and yes, delicious quick dishes I know how to make: Scrambled Eggs With Chicken Livers.

Stop wrinkling your nose. Yes, you! Have you even tried chicken livers? Or do you just "know" you don't like them? Or, just as possible, have you had them overcooked into a dry, bitter, grainy mess? (My introduction to liver was fried calves liver with bacon and onions, featured once a week on my junior high school cafeteria's menu. As you can imagine, the food service ladies didn't exactly have the quick, light touch needed to render liver actually tasty. It wasn't till years later that I learned that chicken livers, properly handled, are food for the gods. Not to mention humans who love delicious and ridiculously nutritious food.

Anyway, here's how I make my Scrambled Eggs With Chicken Livers:

I dice about a quarter of a medium onion fairly fine, and start it sauteing over medium heat in half butter, half olive oil. While that's happening I cut a couple of raw chicken livers into bite-sized pieces, and crack and scramble up 3 eggs.

When the onion is translucent throw in the livers, and saute, stirring constantly, until the surfaces have just changed color and the juice has stopped running. DO NOT OVERCOOK. The insides of your liver chunks should be pink when the whole thing is done. Cooked this way, they'll be creamy inside -- almost like meat-flavored cream cheese. Yum.

Dump in the eggs, scramble till set, scoop out onto a plate, salt, pepper, and devour. You will not be hungry for... well, for a long, long time.

How nutritious is this? You'll get 399 Calories; 28g Fat ; 28g Protein; 6g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber. But that's not all. You'll get:

425% of your Vitamin A
10% of your thiamin (B1)
112% of your riboflavin (B2)
30% of your niacin (B3)
35% of your B6
267% of your B12
135% of your folacin (folic acid)
39% of your vitamin C
10% of your potassium
8% of your calcium
41% of your iron
23% of your zinc

Not bad for one meal that will take you all of ten minutes to throw together.

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Chicken Livers Once A Month

My mom used to cook liver once a month for our family and my siblings and I didn't care the least for it . I now know the value of my moms healthy meals and I'm going to try this in the near future it sounds good and very different for breakfast .

I'm gonna have to try this!

What a great source of folic acid! I've always been a fan of chicken livers, but never dared to cook them myself. Now, armed with your instructions I am going to try this breakfast! Thanks for everything you do!