My Lakanto came today! (See my revised spelling; I got it wrong in my last post.) And they sent me two bags! Lots! I can try using it in a bunch of ways.

The ingredients are simple: Fermented erythritol and lo han guo, the Japanese herbal sweetener. I don't know about the "fermented" part, what the purpose is, but I do know that erythritol is A) the sugar alcohol (aka polyol) with the lowest absorption profile, meaning you get virtually no digestible carbs from it, and B) has the mildest gut impact.

So far I've only tried a small pinch on my tongue. Lakanto tastes very much like brown sugar, but with the cooling sensation on the tongue characteristic of erythritol. It does not have the sticky texture of brown sugar.

I think I'll try a couple of batches of cookies first -- maybe some chocolate chip cookies (with the sugar free chips from Carb Smart you see at the left of your screen) and some oatmeal spice cookies. I will report back post haste. I have a good feeling about this!

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Lakanto/ erythritol


I just found the Lakanto by Body Ecology (the only US distributor) online...they want $40 per 2.2 lb. bag of this stuff!! Since (according to their literature) it is 99.8% erythritol (which can be had for $5 per 8 oz. bag) and only .2% lo han guo, I have to wonder why we have not experimented more with the erythritol! I have bought it and used it for sweetening coffee, but that was about it since, as others have said, I wasn't sure of the ratio when substituting it for sugar. Your thoughts?

Bear, DE


I hope the recipies turn out Dana and would love to hear about them because I use Erythritol on a regular basis and I like it alot but have not tried it in recipies very much at all . I'm not always sure of how much to use for a recipe. Cindy