High Blood Sugar Symptoms?

Under the Julian Bakery Bread thread, a poster named Aurelia asks

Do you also have noticeable physical symptoms of elevated blood sugar?

I know when my blood sugar rises over about 130 because my heart starts to hammer and I feel flushed. At your peak of 157 I would also be nauseated.

I have wondered how common that is.

No, no real symptoms. I felt a little tired, but that could be, you know, being tired. Other than that, nothing.

When doing tests like this in the past, I've learned that my hunger kicks in not so much in response to a particular blood sugar level, but in response to a really fast decline. Didn't get one here. I was hungry by the end of the test time, but then it was pushing dinner time, I probably would have been hungry anyway.

My true fasting BG runs a little high, anyway, anywhere from 95 (high normal) to 110 (prediabetic.) This worried me some, until just the other day. Under the thread "Well, Hmmmmm..." about intermittent fasting, there's a response about my concern with my fasting BG, with a link to the Hyperlipid blog (which has been added to the blogroll.) The author explains that long-time low carbing actually does result in mildly elevated fasting BG, because it increases insulin resistance. Sounds bad, but turns out it's not. It's a normal response to the muscle cells learning to run on free fatty acids and ketones -- since they don't need glucose anymore, they shunt it back to the bloodstream, where it's available for tissues that can better use it, like the brain.

This explains why, in Atkins Diabetes Revolution, the new book by Dr. Mary Vernon and Jacqueline Eberstein, who completed the book Dr. Atkins had long planned to write, it is stated that if you have been on a low carb diet for any length of time, you must spend at least a few days eating 150 grams of carbohydrate, minimum, before taking a glucose tolerance test. Otherwise, because of the adaptation to a fat-and-ketone based metabolism, your results on a GTT will be skewed toward very high blood sugar readings.

With that in mind, 118 is not that far off a fasting blood glucose reading for me, and a 157 -- which, keep in mind, I reached very briefly -- or a 38 point increase in blood sugar, is probably closer to a 125 or 130 in someone not so seriously keto-adapted. In short, nothing to worry about.

I turned this into a separate post because I thought it was a very important thing for people to know about. I have worried about that high fasting BG, even going to my doctor and having my A1C tested, specifically because I was concerned. My A1C is -- or was, when I checked in the fall -- a stone-normal 5. My doctor is blithely unconcerned.

And now I am, too.

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Oh, Interesting...

I'm slightly tired, right around the same time I was slightly tired yesterday evening, while doing my test on the Smart Carb bread -- but with no bread this time. I think I'll take my BG.

Hmm. 114. It's about 90 minutes after I had a big meal of scramble eggs with chicken livers.

I'm thinking it's just the time of day. Biorhythm dipping slightly. And perhaps the fact that it's getting cloudy again.

Still, I found it interesting.

high blood sugar symptoms

my heart pounds when my blood sugar gets too high, and I get a little breathless!!!! I have always assumed this is a hypoglycemic response to sugar, because its followed by the crash, nausea and shaking.