[Lowcarbezine] Quarterly (?) Digest

HoldTheToast webmaster at holdthetoast.com
Thu Jul 3 20:27:08 EDT 2008

Hey Gang,

    Webmaster here, AKA "Good Old What's-His-Face"! I just wanted to 
fill you all in on what's been happening on HoldTheToast.com, and let 
you know we're still here. In fact, Dana has been doing lots of 
"blogging" on the website, so I'm going to give you a few highlights.

    But first, a big announcement! Jimmy Moore, of Livin' La Vida Low 
Carb (www.livinlavidalowcarb.com) is planning a low carb cruise for this 
January. Long story short, we'll be going, too, and will be joining the 
list of featured speakers! We're really, really excited about this. Read 
more on the HTT blog at: http://www.holdthetoast.com/node/164

    Meanwhile, here are some highlights of what Dana has been blogging 
about since the last "issue" of Lowcarbezine! And I will be trying to 
put out one of these digests each quarter at least, if not more often.

19 June 2008
Oh, Fercryinoutloud! The "Big Breakfast" Study
    I have a Google News Alert set for "low carbohydrate." For the past 
few days it's been sending me a headlines about the so-called "Big 
Breakfast" study. Here are some of them....

18 June 2008
Is Ignorance Bliss?
    That Nice Boy I Married and I were invited to a small cookout 
Saturday night. Had a very nice time -- good food, good company, lovely 
evening for sitting out. Well, it kind of sucked that while everyone 
else was drinking wine, I was sucking down a whole 2 liter bottle of 
club soda. But other than that, a really great time....

26 April 2006
What Am I Serving the (hopeful) Judge?
    I'm having a meet-the-candidate event for a local candidate for 
judge this afternoon. This, of course, means I have to have party food. 
Thought you might be interested in what I'm serving, though not all of 
it is low carb....

19 March 2008
Making the Most of the Corned Beef and Cabbage
    Here is is, Wednesday, and we're still getting great meals out of 
Sunday's early St. Patrick's Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage. 
Monday night I made Corned Beef Hash, and boy, was it great! Here's how....

10 March 2008
Insulin's Evil Twin
    From the Learn Something New Every Day Files: While writing The 
Glycemic Load Cookbook, I learned something fascinating from Dr. Rob 
Thompson: Insulin has an "evil twin," a compound called amylin For every 
molecule of insulin the beta cells in your pancreas create, they also 
create a molecule of amylin. Your body can get rid of small quantities 
of amylin, but large quantities will build up in what Dr. Rob termed 
"sludge" and cause the beta cells to burn out and die....

    Plus plenty of reprints of Dana's erstwhile syndicated column, daily 
menus, news briefs and what-have-you. So come check us out if you 
haven't been to the website for a while. Dana adds new stuff several 
times a week these days. You can even comment on what you read there, 
after signing up for a user account on the website -- it's easy and FREE!

    Hope you're all doing well! Till next time...


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