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Column Reprint: Cook Well, Eat Well - Quiche

I wrote this column last spring, right around this time. Eggs should be cheap again within a week or two, so a reprint seemed in order. You'll notice this isn't a strictly low carb column, but the recipe sure is, if you use the recipe for Almond-Parmesan crust:

As I write this, I have a dozen cartons of eggs in my refrigerator. Why? Because they were three cartons for a buck. At that price, we can eat a lot of eggs! We like them fried, scrambled, and in omelets. But to turn eggs into supper, there's nothing like quiche.

Thanks to the French name, and the 1980s book "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche," quiche has a reputation as foofy girly food. Hah! Quiche is simply egg-and-cheese pie, often with ham or bacon thrown in. That's some solid eating. It's easy to make, infinitely variable, and reheats well. What's not to love?

Column Reprint: Pork

Let's talk about pork.

Column Reprint: Tuna

I have to make what is, for a food writer, an embarrassing confession: my favorite fish, far and away, is canned tuna.

Yep, canned tuna, stuff of school lunchroom sandwiches and casseroles made with goopy canned mushroom soup. Love the stuff. Love, love, love the stuff. And I'm not alone. Tuna is the third most commonly purchased foodstuff in the country, after sugar and coffee. Canned tuna is served in more than ninety percent of American households, and accounts for fully twenty percent of all fish and seafood consumed in the US. That's a lot of tuna!

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